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Life Purpose

What Is Your Purpose – To Exist, then Not Exist?

Life Purpose

The Most Important Breakthrough In Life, The One Thing You Want To Get Right is very simply to discover your purpose and act to assure your success in life. You need to know if life has some deeper meaning, very specifically will you exist after your death? It might be important to find out the real truth just in case the manner of your life affects how you exist for eternity. The easy thing to believe is that no one knows. Yet, how did all this happen? Why does anything exist, even the most minute piece of dust or atomic particle? A great deal of faith is required regardless if you believe in the big bang theory or if you believe in a creative intelligence as the source. The book, “What Is Life All About” makes an extremely strong case for a creator and how religion is frequently behind people denying the existence of God. The very short video on the right indicates you can know the truth but many things including religion can pull you in the wrong direction. You will make choices that will decide what happens in your AFTERLIFE. Making no choice is of course a decision. Not caring or saying “whatever” is a decision and is a frequent response. You can begin with protecting yourself JUST IN CASE there is an afterlife. However, you will need to get much, much more serious about life, about truth to be successful.

What Is Life All About?

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Regardless of your present belief you will very likely as others before you come face to face with a new and powerful paradigm. It could very easily constitute a major positive breakthrough in your life.

The Thing Every Person Will Know
As Soon As They Die

Obviously, they will know they still exist otherwise they will know nothing and be out of existence. But, God has let us know our existence does not end and everyone can know that with certainty!
The necessary inference will be that life was about the soul and absolutely nothing else. All those things that seemed so important are now meaningless but how you lived your life in relation to God’s laws and very specifically in relation to His Son will now be critically important. The other thing that will somehow be clear is the ineffectiveness of all your excuses. There are hundreds of excuses and all seemed reasonable during your lifetime. I do not really know much about your first MOMENTS after death except that there WILL NOT BE ANY MOMENTS SINCE TIME WILL NO LONGER BE IN THE EQUATION. How did you do? Were you selfish, proud, closed minded, bitter, unforgiving, and a promoter of things God abhorred? Did you teach falsely from the scripture, did you deny God or God as the God of the bible. There will be a lot of regret, a lot of blame for those who influenced you. The most intense indoctrination has influenced your life and the beliefs were easy for you to accept because they fit what you wanted from life.

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