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First, Simplifying Life
Learn God’s Purpose For Life

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Heaven Coach For You
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Please read the PAGES (horizontal navigation bar above) as they explain the purpose of this site and provide valuable content relative to that purpose, namely getting you to heaven! The posts and additional links on the left should also be helpful. You would think by now everyone would have “connected the dots” to the worlds most important puzzle. It is very relevant to understand why this has not happened. The root cause for the confusion and mis-information is very simply pride, selfishness, and deceit is the outcome.
It is the pride that says no one will direct my life or make rules that keep me from getting what I want. So people have done all they can to discredit God, the bible and really anything standing in the way of what they selfishly believe. Along the way they have convinced generations of others. Quite often those deceived are deceived because they like the deception and in some way it fits what they want to believe. Coaching you to the very best ending to your life, really a unbelievable fantastic ending is the purpose of this website. All you have to bring is an open mind and humble, truth seeking spirit.

Why I Believe The Unbelievable

Throughout this website there is information regarding the most important things in life, that is the spiritual aspects, the what is life all about aspects. The most unbelievable thing in life is the most obvious, namely the design we live in and thus God. Yet it remains unbelievable or beyond comprehension without one thing. That one thing is the bible, God’s communication with humankind. The bible contains the story of mankind and not some fabricated story but something that holds together perfectly. People who read the bible “see” God and the designer provides His purpose for our existence. Others see the creation, could learn about God from the Bible but for some strange reason do not – well not that strange as Jesus explained.

Mark 4:12

12 “so that ‘Seeing they may see and not perceive, And hearing they may hear and not understand; Lest they should turn, And their sins be forgiven them.”

The bible is perfect in fulfilling God’s purpose inasmuch as those who have certain attitudes which God rejects will not see God and obey Him. Thus they fail in life. Instead those who fail will find problems with God and frequently with His fairness to others which is one of their excuses for rejecting God. Of course the other prime reason reject God is because of what He asks, what He requires and those things indeed interfere with their life’s. One other reason people stumble with the bible is simply because they do not like the way God operates – maybe He could have been clearer, maybe not allowed suffering and many other things. Yet for the most part God is rejected in some way due to pride.
On the other hand, people who are humble, truth seeking even when it causes them problems, forgiving, can be successful in life, that is heaven. Ah yes, God is perfect and we learn loving of His creation and yet to be feared because He limits Himself in that He cannot lie. That means His judgments are real and His commitment to a wonderful next life based on the things done in our earthly bodies will occur. Likewise His commitment to a bad ending is also real.
So life is with purpose and there is incredible evidence for those who want truth and non-existent evidence for those who have no love of truth, no real humility, unforgiving spirits. God provides the truth about life while the “world” provides all sorts of reasons to reject God. Today, you can feel comfortable in rejecting God because of some theory or because the media laughs at spiritual things or portrays religious persons as radical, dangerous out of touch persons. Strangely, religion causes the most significant roadblock for people coming to the truth as the result of the confusion of many doctrines which are typically man-made. Yet, there is no excuse for rejecting God, discovering the truth, and living as God requires. There are things to overcome in life and yet any person can please God. It is quite simple from God’s viewpoint to succeed even though men have placed all these obstacles. We need to understand God otherwise we may think that God is like the often enabling, excuse-ridden world and He is not and you can know that with certainty. A very important part of “Heaven Coach” is to help you understand God as He has revealed Himself.

Common questions asked/answered at Heaven Coach – these are typical of many questions – to the point
Define Heaven
Heaven and Hell
How to heaven
How to get to heaven
Where is heaven
Death then heaven
Does God exist

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