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How To Get To Heaven

This is the real deal. You can come to believe what is suggested because page after page, post after post it will make sense – if does not then you should not believe it! I should add you should not believe anyone in this matter unless it makes sense. God, if you believe in God, will not be found as illogical. The creation is full of perfect design, perfect logic and is perfectly aligned with God’s purpose. In all kindness, it is not your purpose, but it is God’s purpose and that is why people struggle. That is, trying to fit God into your world instead of you trying to fit into God’s world. Religious confusion is the most serious problem keeping people from achieving heaven.!

NOW, you want the best ending to your life – if there is a next life and if you discover logically there is, then you want to spend eternity in the best place. We call this place HEAVEN. You will not arrive at heaven because you are lucky, but God designed a perfect way to determine who will achieve heaven. It is just as perfect as the stage in which He has placed us – namely a planet in His universe we refer to as Earth.

He knows the heart of every person. He knows your every selfish or noble thought, word or deed. Your life on this stage is a test. God will determine if you are the kind of person with whom He wishes to spend eternity. The test involves certain things and they may not presently be known to you simply because learning them is part of the test. We have those who cry FOUL because they do not like being on a stage, being tested. There is some unfairness in this. We try to fit God into our world, into our beliefs.

It turns out God in His perfection is not only fair, but He is perfectly fair. For some strange reason you do not understand this just like you do not understand how to create something from nothing. God will handle all your little concerns. YOU MUST NOT LET YOUR CONCERNS ABOUT GOD AND FOR INSTANCE ABOUT FAIRNESS ALLOW YOU TO MISS OUT ON HEAVEN. You see God has allowed stumbling blocks and this is one of them that keeps many people from achieving heaven. I know, you think such stumbling blocks are unfair! Actually all I know about God is what He has revealed and in that revelation I see a benevolent, loving, caring, fair God. I might suggest that what you see as unfair is simply your pride, your close mindedness, and your lack of trust and these are the characteristics of people with whom God will not be spending eternity.

In the framework of opening your mind, being humble, God has arranged for you to grow to be stronger day-by-day and stronger in the truth about God’s purpose for you.  I am not talking about religion because most religion is the invention of humankind and you SHOULD WANTthat which comes from God – otherwise it is of no value. So page by page, post by post the goal is to get you there – to HEAVEN.

Simplifying Life

Heaven is within your rea, but you will need to stop thinking about all the reasons, all your rationalizations that might have you believing life ends when you die. Open your mind to what you see in creation and think on your own, “did all this just happen.” Begin with that and then find the truth that God has revealed, that same truth that so many men mock. Your life is ultimately only about your next life. Stand on your own two feet and use Common Sense. Strongly give heed to your eternal soul and then you can also help others in an eternal way.

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So, How Do You Get To Heaven?

You begin with your attitude (not self-centered) and a strong desire to know the truth about life, its purpose. This website is here to help. The bible is the answer because the word of God is THE ANSWER, BUT many people twist scripture to move you in effect further from God and heaven. Do not believe me or anyone – trust the scriptures – The direction I am pointing is to identify error and point you towards truth, the bible truth. This website takes on the often ridiculous, ill-conceived concepts that mislead people, frequently keeping a person from even looking into scripture. It is no excuse to be misled as ultimately it your choice and you need to overcome error. The things you believe need to make perfect sense to you and not be things tainted with the prejudice of what you want to be true.

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