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Why Is God, The God Of The Bible?

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Why Is God, The God of the bible

The world has many religions and this translates into many confusions. Can you envision a creator capable of doing all things effortlessly, perfectly then bringing confusion to His creation regarding their purpose? It is not God who has brought the confusion to religion, it is man and as usual for selfish reasons. It is an awful thing to blame your benefactor. Do not lose a great ending to your life and all for some nonsense you believe which places God in a bad light. God has given us an intellect and we CAN possess common sense and consequently make some simple distinctions.

Distinction One:

Knowledge of the things of God must come from God.

Many religions make no claim of supernatural knowledge or at most some very remote, unclear connection. They admit their beliefs are based on the teachings, wisdom of some man/woman. Even so, these religions can have a very large number of followers. They frequently offer advice on how to live in a spiritual way closer to God. This seems strange since they have no connection with God. It is amazing how people miss this obvious distinction. Make this simple distinction and eliminate a lot of religions that will keep you from HEAVEN.

Distinction Two:

Men claim to hear from God

If there is communication from God you can expect it to be perfect and some characteristics of a perfect communication would be:

  • A message with a consistent purpose from the beginning of the world
  • Substantial evidence for everything and originality
  • A logical plan that people can understand if they have a love of the truth
  • Great wisdom, including doctrine that aligns perfectly with the purpose

If you look at the many claims made by men in relation to their belief system you will seldom find even one of the above.

Distinction Three:

Men claim God appointed them to speak for Him in some way and delivered to them special instructions

God would not leave His truth to a single individual that just “appears on the scene” and claims to be God’s spokesperson. Anyone could do this! A clue for detecting such a ruse is how they selected a great deal of PREVIOUS RELIGIOUS THOUGHT to build their new religion. In the case of Jesus, He did not just appear on the scene but was in the mind of God from the beginning. Genesis 3.15 and everything that follows from that time points to Jesus.
Throughout heaven coach there will be many things you may find amazing in terms of making the distinction of Jesus versus all others who claim to be from God. Jesus does not just “appear on the scene.” One good place to begin would be, “God’s Oversight Of Truth.”

Distinction Four:

What you might expect the truth to look like if it were from God

  • Different than man might conceive
  • Extremely logical purpose and means of achieving it
  • The truth will be perfectly consistent with God’s purpose
  • Commitments, prophecies made would always be commitments, prophecies kept
  • The doctrine is easily understood
  • The truth would explain itself and not be contradictory
  • The truth would be largely spiritual, including many spiritual aspects such as worship in spirit and truth

There is an enormous difference between what the God of the bible reveals in a perfect, consistent way (with His purpose) versus what men/women have invented as doctrine. An obvious distinction becomes the large number of people, organizations which have been careless, selfish for gain and just plain deceitful in support of their doctrines.

Distinction Five

Things you can expect from man-made religion

  • There will be a program of indoctrination
  • Despite pointing to a a spiritual importance their doctrines and practices are not spiritual but represent how man conceives God should be worshiped, served.
  • The religion will require specialists to defend their doctrine
  • A corollary to the above statement the built in confusion, complexity of their doctrines
  • There will be paranoia regarding other beliefs so various ways of protecting their beliefs must be developed. This could involve violence, threats or simply indicating their “god” would be offended if they showed any sign of disbelief such as studying another belief.
  • Final Thoughts

    In discussing God as the God of the bible it may be helpful to also discuss the strong desire of many, maybe most that “God not be the God of the bible.” You can probably guess most of the reasons are related to God’s rules that may limit their lifestyle or God’s perceived unfairness. The surprising thing is that these very things are part of the test and YOU will make decisions that decide your eternity. God knows exactly what He is doing just as He knew exactly how to create everything just by saying it. His purpose for you has been just as precisely orchestrated. God is perfect as is His creation, as is His plan for mankind. The kind of person God is looking for emerges from the difficulties of life by being a humble, truth seeking, forgiving person.

    God is the God of the bible because in ALL the distinctions above the bible satisfies the distinction. One additional distinction is needed to clarify those who might see all kinds of problems with the bible in regard to the above distinctions. If you are terribly honest and want the truth you can understand how this distinction is really critical for many people. The distinction: God knows who are Christians and they are not Catholics, and 100% of those who fall under protestant denominations are not Christian. If you point to things done by Christians or Christian groups and say they violate the distinctions mentioned, I assume you are right. BUT are you sure those things are associated with God? Did you consider they were not representatives of God/Christ? Did you consider God may have abhorred their actions? Most of the problems associated with Christianity are not with Christianity but have been the result of those who have claimed Christ. Do not make the mistake of thinking that God added any of them to the Body of Christ. The truth of God remains available for all in the bible. Groups of people who are truly in the Body of Christ understand all these distinctions above and respect the word of God and nothing else as their guide. Even some in the Body of Christ will fail for various reasons, there are no perfect people! You can however, distinguish truth from error and live in a way to achieve heaven.

    Despite a “world of people” teaching differently, there is only one solid belief system and it is perfect. God is the God of the bible and all other belief systems fail on most every count – it is not a close call. Unfortunately, emotions and our current beliefs, friends and family can outweigh our love of the truth.

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