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How To Get To Heaven

Why Heaven Coach

Why Heaven Coach

Because There Is Nothing More Important

If You Truly Want Heaven
For Many People
This Is A Place To Help You SECURE HEAVEN

How in the world did religion get to its current state? It is almost beyond comprehension. It is not the religion of God. God is associated with truth and the religions that fill the world are sadly the creation of men and women. You can be certain about the truth of what you believe, if you have a sincere love of the truth. It will take courage, humility and perseverance to overcome all the deceit. At this point in time those deceiving you have also been deceived. All the things the world believes and teaches about God are misleading but nothing has mislead more than religion. Getting to heaven is not easy and each person will be challenged and will need to overcome many obstacles. Ultimately, you will need help and God has not left those with a good heart alone. Life is a test to determine who will spend eternity with God, that is, as we say achieve heaven. Few would believe that most everything taught by all religions is false and costly to your eternal soul. We have come a long way down the wrong road, so far down that it is hard to believe it could be so wrong. Heaven coach never asks you to believe what is being taught at this website, but instead asks you to understand what you believe. The power of God in delivering the truth with consistency, accuracy allows you to understand God’s purpose and plan such that everything fits perfectly together. You will gain an understanding of God as He has revealed Himself and if you have the right attitude it will be surprising, overwhelming and life-changing. Most important it will get you on the road to heaven and to a new level of seriousness about what is important in life.

Begin by looking at the short video below (less than 1.5 Minutes)
The commitment is to help you achieve heaven. “Heaven Coach” realizes you need to Understand Life and it’s Purpose and this is not complicated. There are two websites below that provide substantial information in your quest.

There is ALSO a book that contains considerably more help and provides solid answers to many typical questions and concerns related to God and His purpose.

You can know the purpose for life, for your life
More importantly how to be successful in life

You can obtain the book mentioned in the video above (What Is Life All About?) but first look at the following two websites:

First, Heaven Coach: www.heavencoach.com

We may have many coaches, teachers in our life but the most important thing in life is not understood or well understood. I would like to be your coach, it would be an honor. Look over this website and you can determine if I would be a worthy coach.

heaven coach front page how to get to heaven

Second, Catholics Question: www.catholicsquestion.com

Many different religions are discussed at this website and very likely much differently than you have previously understood. The title, “Catholics Question” was chosen because many religions have been influenced by Roman Catholicism. Thus understanding Catholicism can help many associated with other religions.

catholics question front page catholic church pope priests

Get ebook version of:

What Is Life All About?

what is life all about

ebook using Amazon’s Kindle

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As mentioned a hard copy of the book is available, “What Is Life All About?”

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