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When You Really Understand God

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When you really understand God,

you see life, the universe as something that could not happen by accident and that such an interpretation is just ridiculous. The more you really know, the more ridiculous is the creation of incredible, inconceivable order from NOTHING. God provides us an explanation that fulfills truth seeking, humble, unselfish people and antagonizes, and precipitates ridicule from selfish, proud people. Amazing creation and no-less amazing plan to sort God’s perfect definition of good from His perfect definition of evil. One very important thing you can come to know about God is His love, His severity and that He will take care of all your concerns about fairness that you hide behind as your rationalization for rejecting the God of the bible. You trust God or you do not and He has a perfect way of making that determination.

When you see life’s similarities between man and animals,

it is because there was a single creator of all things. You realize that there is some huge difference between man and animals and you see God created man in his own image. If you give a little additional thought and study you might realize that an obvious difference is an intellect, a unique personality and in some form beyond your body, an eternal existence. The theory of organic evolution is just nonsense, really wishful thinking for those who cannot conceive of God as the God of the Bible. Why, because the God of the Bible has many rules and you do not like the rules. You hate the rules because they limit, often severely how you live. So we accept that we evolved from monkeys, then the next really big dilemma; non-intelligence became intelligence. Well, it just happened! The bible makes this distinction in Genesis the first chapter. After the creation of living things, God creates something different – He creates man, woman and they are special and immediately they have different characteristics than the animals – for one thing they have an intellect – intelligence, creativity. Now what God did thousands of years ago and was recorded by man is exactly what we see today, that is, life with out intellect on one hand and on the other hand intelligent life. When you read the bible you see the only rational explanation for the existence of everything. Why was this even being stated thousands of years ago? Simply because God provided man an explanation that fit then and fits now.

If you think faith plays a big part in knowing God,

you would be right but as you grow in knowledge from God the believing without seeing part becomes less important as you can see quite clearly.

As you begin to understand God,

as He has revealed Himself you begin to understand your purpose. God’s true purpose changes everything and you begin to understand what life is all about. You see all of what God has done is related to YOU and to all mankind. You begin to see how God’s creation is “playing out” perfectly aligned with God’s purpose. It is a perfectly devised TEST such that only those who truly seek God in a humble, unselfish way will find Him. You realize man has devised millions of ways to get ahead, to cheat and find ways around the rules but that will not be possible with God. God will not be fooled but along the path of life, man will miss the mark (which God calls sin) and not achieve the wonderful eternity God has devised as the reward.

Your understanding of God

will allow you to discern truth from error because those who understand God, love the truth. Millions of people reject the truth when they hear it because it is not what they were taught. It is not what their family or friends believe or it restricts the way they want to live. When you truly understand God, nothing is more important then pleasing Him and part of that is helping others to the truth. The truth is scarce and seldom exists in the religions of the world. You will understand that the road to heaven is not easy and presents unique and difficult challenges for every person. If as you read this you are looking for some way to disprove the things in

“Heaven Coach;”

that is good. However, if you cannot find fault and still reject the material then you will understand at least in your case why achieving heaven is difficult. Indeed, as God points out over and over you need a love of the truth and Jesus is even referred to as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. One of the most sobering verses in the bible is:

2 Thessalonians 2.10

10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

The truth matters because it is the way of obedience and

what do you obey,

well obey the truth.
Jesus who is the truth said it simply relating Himself as the way the truth and the life to obedience in:

Hebrews 5.9

9 And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him,

So, if you really want to understand God,

it has admittedly become difficult since so much of the world rejects God and so much of what claims to be religious just provides you with more deception. Yet, if you just love the truth and will accept nothing less it will be easy. Now, thinking you love the truth and loving the truth in the midst of pressure and complicated rhetoric are quite different. The truth about God fits perfectly together and you will be satisfied day after day as you grow in that knowledge. This website can be helpful. That book, “What Is Life All About” answers a great deal of questions and helps you weave through religious history with all its problems. The truth puts to shame that history.

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