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February 27, 2012 By: alanpg Category: Understanding God

car wreck

You have been in a car accident and are seriously injured. You awake on a hospital cart and look up to see many doctors standing over you. They look worried and you are feeling numb. What are they saying? You try to speak, but cannot. Are you going into surgery? This was unexpected, you do not even recall much about the accident, just this jarring impact, then nothing. Now, what really matters is what happens if you die? You think about your family, your commitments but then you think where am I headed – out of existence? Is it all over? Again, your thoughts go to your family and friends and all the things I have to do, but I cannot help but thinking, “why did I have to come to this point in my life to seriously consider the truth about life.”

Life Is Full Of Events That Can Bring Us To Consider
The Seriousness of Life

You find out you have a disease and have only a few months to live. My good friend was only 42 when he was diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous brain tumor and lived just under 3 months.

You have been undergoing treatment for a serious disease for the last year and now being so weak you can no longer undergo treatment because the treatment itself will kill you.

You are engaged in a foreign war and today the mission is extremely dangerous.

You have suffered the loss of a number of close friends and family in the last year and some deaths were accidental and totally unexpected. You have recognized a great deal of deceit, dishonesty, prejudice, selfishness, greed, and cruelty from the mass media, religion and even occasionally from those who you trusted. As an outcome of these tragedies and bad behaviors you have become very reflective about life and its purpose. Although, you could be very embittered you have decided to search out the truth about life, if that is possible.

Difficult Times Cause People To Reflect
Many Will Turn Against God
Some Will Work Hard At Finding The Truth

You are NOW concerned about what follows death. You have never taken this seriously, but NOW it is all that is on your mind. The things you believe about death, are they true? You never questioned what you believed in a serious way, but now it seems important. Are you sure about what you believe, sure enough to risk eternity? Believing in something does not make it right. What is right and the truth are not achieved by anything less than good diligence and a love of the truth. Most people are very casual at best regarding their consideration of the next life and even frequently believe there is nothing past this life. It is exceedingly casual to place your confidence in some man or woman or perhaps some well-established group – perhaps a religious group.

You should not assume:
> When you die you go out of existence
> Your relative goodness will earn you heaven
> What you have been taught is the truth
> You can negotiate with God
> There are many paths to heaven
> Most people will succeed in life

These are very bad assumptions and also very typical.

Some Things To Believe
> You Are Growing Old
> Eventually You Will Die

Day after day, life seems like it will never end. We are young and see older folks and never place ourselves in that position. I cannot imagine myself that old. The earth goes around the sun and there are sunrises and sunsets. Your youth passes, and many eventually become parents and then quite often finally understand their own parents. Then your parents die and your children marry and have their own children and you are a grandparent. You are now in your latter years and your health, appearance are not what they were just 5 years ago. Now, you look old like that older person you saw when you were young. Generation after generation this is repeated. Of course, that is the best case since many people die at an early age – maybe an accident, maybe a disease, maybe there is no food. The time “when it really matters” is when you are alive. You are being tested in this short life and need to understand what life is all about. How well have you lived your life? Did you care about the truth? Why would you care about the truth, you do not even believe there is any ultimate truth. You staunchly proclaim, “My truth is my truth and your truth is your truth.” People strongly believe and defend things they really do not understand. It is just amazing how we can develop such devotion to things we wish to believe. That often results in closing your mind to anything that might oppose your belief. How many people believe ignorance is bliss? I cannot be responsible for things I never understood. It turns out being ignorant of something is your choice, that is you decide to be ignorant of God and His way. You can go through life and learn nothing of God and His truth and live just as you please, but in that process you rejected God. You never understood the purpose of life and never understood sin and the answer for sin. It is the most serious thing in life and really the only serious thing in life and you just do not care. You never cared to consider growing old or to consider anything seriously other than your day in and day out existence.

Now Is The Time
To Get On The Road To Heaven

One of the worst things about failing the test is knowing how easy you could have known the truth. The answer was right in front of you. It is easy to know, but not easy to live but very manageable if you can see beyond this life. Only a few enter the race for heaven, and even fewer actually will receive the prize. In a sense every person is in the race if they are alive, but few get themselves into a position where they are really competing. Think of a car race, but you do not have an engine or you have no fuel or you do not know how to drive. The length of the race is your lifetime. In your noncompetitive position you are a long way from winning and perhaps like some of the people we have been discussing you do not even believe there is a race. You may believe this because most of the other people you know also think there is no race. You see, it always comes down to YOU and to YOUR decision. You will believe God or you will place your confidence in yourself or some other person.

Connecting The Dots

Connecting the dots

It is amazing how throughout religious history people have not connected the dots. Admittedly, it may have seemed more difficult in the past but interestingly today with so much conflicting information it remains difficult. In the past the dots were seldom connected and it seems that today it is even less likely. How could so many people have been so wrong for so long?
Many people of the past were not thinking and today people do not use their common sense, some logic, some amount of reasonable study to “come to grips” with life’s meaning. Of course, there is much more involved than just not thinking, there is prejudice, there is what we want to believe, and there is respect for people more than God.
This website and associated ones will help you to connect the dots. Essentially, every page and post will help you in some way and you can get your questions answered. Some of the pages/posts that might get you on the right road are:
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If you have been caught up in prophecy regarding “end times” and many of the associated wild and ridiculous man-made scenario’s, then a good and very thorough page would be:
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If you are a Catholic, there are many good pages for you to consider:
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If you are an Atheist or an Agnostic, you might want to read:

The best advice in this confusing world is to Believe No One, but understand what YOU believe. If you only knew the origin of your beliefs, you might be less certain. We believe someone in relation to life, religion and we do not know who they believed and who that person believed before them. Nonetheless there is truth and there is a way to be certain!

These are just a few of the pages/posts that might be helpful and in no way are these necessarily the best – each has its own value and that will vary with YOUR needs, Your questions. Why are these helps needed? The scriptures contain the answers for life, but humankind has made a mess of the truth and billions of people have been affected by doctrines that will keep them from being successful. This material is there for people who reach out for truth, often from difficult situations. The book, “What Is Life All About?” serves the same purpose. The book is 622 pages in length, but less than one page is required to provide the truth you need. The other pages provide good information regarding the mess humankind has made and how to help you away from that confusion, out of that indoctrination. The theme of the book is understanding God as He has revealed Himself and that can be very helpful in understanding your life.

Trusting Your Belief’s – Why?

There is usually a reason you believe whatever you believe. Someone or maybe many someones influenced you. It could have been something you learned in school or from a parent or a grandparent. A good friend may have influenced you to your current belief system or maybe someone you dislike was an influence to disbelieve whatever they believed. There are thousands of possible reasons for your belief system, but how valid is your belief? One of the most popular beliefs is really no belief and often expressed as, “I don’t care.” That is first wrong as it does matter, and second in not caring you have actually expressed your BELIEF. Heaven Coach is about helping you get to heaven and even those who do not care ought to give themselves a reason for their BELIEF. Certainly, there are many who are so far gone that nothing can get them on the right track because indeed they do not care. Admittedly, even those who care may have a very difficult time connecting the dots because of their current beliefs. This website is for anyone who wants heaven and is confused by the world. That is, confused by the world in general and often specifically by the world of religion. You will have to come to care, and then move from caring to deeply insisting on the truth and letting nothing stand in your way. It is as the scriptures require, “having a Love Of The Truth.”

2 Thess 2:10

10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

When Does It Really Matter?

Of course, it matters RIGHT NOW because none of us know how long we will be alive. The scriptures teach, “Now Is The Day Of Salvation” so you do not want to pass any opportunity. You can be in heaven, but it will have to be your strongest desire and will require all your effort and there will be things that must become less important. When is it too late? Obviously, when you die, but as suggested many people are not even in the race and there will be no last minute conversions, or contrition’s that matter before you pass. You need to be serving God during your lifetime. To live a life unpleasing to God, and then think suddenly all will be well would make God’s plan to differentiate good from evil ineffective and less than perfect. God’s plan will not allow evil to win a victory. Those who teach such do not understand God and His plan to achieve His purpose. The same people invent second chances even after death, but those ideas are not found in scripture or in any way consistent with God’s purpose. Not only do the scriptures indicate there are no second changes but those who understand God as He has revealed Himself see such ideas as totally disrespectful of God. The plans of men and women may fail, but God does not fail. Men and women teach we need a second chance for people, otherwise so many will fail. Those teaching such doctrines will fail themselves as they pretend to speak for God. His test was perfect, there is no need for second chances. Most people whether religious or not are just a million miles from the truth. Indeed, most people have a very long road to go to reach heaven – So when Does It Really Matter?

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