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Wealth Poverty and God

March 09, 2010 By: alanpg Category: Uncategorized


The point of this post is to help you understand the relationship between Wealth, Poverty and God.
God’s plan allows for people to do what they wish and it is reasonable to believe that some men and women will display attitudes and actions that are selfish. God is not behind the selfishness that results in suffering, pain, cruelty and poverty. The effects of past selfishness and greed are the root cause of many of the problems we see in the world today and selfishness continues today and is never ending in its ability to cause grief. Some would like to blame God. This is of course part of the test. If you want to blame God, you can but what is your basis for such a belief? Is it that you can get others to agree with you? It should be obvious, reasonable that people are behind the sufferings of people in many cases. Even many diseases, such as transmitted diseases can be the result of people acting selfishly. Obviously, the victim of most of the selfishness is not the one who was selfish.

The following video shows

Serious Poverty and Death

and begins with some amazing statistics.

At the other end of the spectrum is the wealthy and the magnitude of the difference is enormous.

Now people need not suffer and in fact man can take care of all the suffering. Just use the money being spent for wars going on in the world and people would not be starving and in fact there could be a good life filled with opportunity. This requires the appropriate leadership in every country. Leaders who care more for others than themselves. Well, that is not likely!

Wealth in an of itself is not evil for the scriptures teach the Love of Money is the root of all evil. In reality most people who have money have a deep Love of Money and strangely enough many people who do not have money also have a Love of Money.
People are wealthy or they could be in serious poverty but God is not the reason for either. He has not interfered with mankind since He established existence of mankind. There has been one exception and that is the reconciliation of man back to God. There have been events since Adam that were related to the reconciliation and God guided those things culminating in the birth, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus.

There is a strong movement to deny God’s existence and there is an associated effort to blame God for suffering. That is, if there was a God, He would not allow suffering, therefore there must not be a God. The problem: men and women are not able to understand God without God providing the explanation and when we seek and find truth it makes incredible sense. The character of God as seen in the bible is such that He abhors men’s sometimes savage, cruel treatment of other men but allows it for a short time and in the case of each person for their lifetime. God looks at the important thing, your eternity!

God’s Representation

God is represented as the sun in the beginning of this post or could be represented by something else of His creation. Of course, God created all things, including time and all “this” for humankind as the stage for testing man. At least in the end every person will realize that it was a test. God cannot be represented by man although we know some of His characteristics since we share some of those things with God (like intellect, unique personality and an eternal nature). Our intellect allows us to be creative but is infinitely minuscule compared to God. Like many things God, who undoubtedly exists in infinite dimensions and we exist in just 4 dimensions (if we include time) cannot be “visualized” by man – not surprising! We have some incredible things before us if we seek, find God and obey Him. There will be one thing in the next life for those who succeed relative to our subject -no suffering!

The Great Life As Seen In the second Video
Is That What You Want?

We could say that what is depicted in the second video does not even scratch the surface of what heaven will be like. That would be true. However, in the framework of such an existence there are things that imply certain traits that can never be associated with what God offers as heaven. When I view what men and women may find as wonderful, there is envy, there is self-seeking and pride. So such a picture of life is opposed to God’s way.

So Wealth Poverty and God, seem important now but only God is important. Wealth and poverty will pass with your passing but during this life you need to manage your situation favorably in order to succeed, in order to be with God eternally.

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