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Time The Mystery Unnoticed

December 11, 2009 By: alanpg Category: Uncategorized

Time it turns out is not on your side


Time The Mystery Unnoticed: Time is seldom considered as created or a mystery, it must have always existed. Finally, science relented and had to agree with the Bible that there was indeed a beginning. One of the most overlooked mysteries is that of time. According to science, there was a big bang and existence of matter began and eventually somehow there was life and then intelligent life. If there was nothing to bang, yet if we grant for the moment there was ??something?? we are still left without an explanation or even a speculation of why time exists. Why would time exist? We cannot conceive of an existence without time. Yet why does time exist, well because it must. That is, it must exist because it does. When the God of the bible says a thousand years is as a day and a day as a thousand years, you are correct to wonder how that could be. God sees the beginning and end of all things just as you or I might view an entire story by opening and paging through a book from beginning to end. Time is not a boundary for God. God created man in a time world, thus binding humankind by time or we might say bound by a sequencing of events that is always going forward. The events that are past are over, gone forever. God also placed a spiritual being in each physical human being. In effect, man is imprisoned by a physical body and time. Then he placed physical man on a spec of the huge, perhaps infinite universe. Under these circumstances, on this stage man will be tested.

Thoughtful Consideration
About God and Creation

A significant number of men and women believe their life is just a cosmic accident. Frankly, that does not make sense just by observation. God apparently thinks such a belief is foolishness and says, “the fool has said in his heart there is no God.”
It does not make sense that man would reach such a “no-God” conclusion without some very strong reason. Many would like to think that reason is science. Yet science is clueless when it comes to creation but carries on continually developing an on-going, never-ending series of new conclusions with each new discovery. It should be apparent that science will never be able to understand why we exist simply because we are limited in regard to our capability and time is one of the bounds placed on us. If we accept that logical premise we might want to know, “why did the creator place us on a stage where we cannot discover how we came into existence.” Again the answer is seemingly apparent, namely it is not important for us to know. God has in a sense “hidden us away” on the spec in His “infinite universe” and is determining who is worthy of spending eternity with Him. God allows us to see Him in the creation but not understand the mechanism of creation. Many people see, “in the beginning God” while others look for some answer to their existence and are distracted by everything surrounding them. Creation is not about its wonder but about how man lives in relation to God. God reveals His expectations in His word and points to the answer needed to achieve His expectations. God’s purpose has to do with you, YOU ARE AT THE CENTER OF CREATION, you are the very reason for creation.

In The Beginning – God – Time

The real reason man rejects God is because the God of the bible has rules that interfere with how men would like to live. So in the ultimate of all foolishness man invents theories that satisfy their consciences and reject the God of the bible.
So time is indeed a mystery pointing to a creator and you and I can explain it’s existence in different ways and even convince others. Yet logically, like the existence of anything the existence of time points to design of a magnitude we cannot even envision. The answer is quite straightforward, “in the beginning God.” “In the beginning” includes, of course, the beginning of time. Time as indicated at the beginning of this post is not on your side because your time in your physical body is limited by your lifetime. God describes your life as a vapor that appears then vanishes, like your breath in cold air or smoke from a flame. Your lifetime is short but is the most important part of your eternal existence. All these “people” seem to be telling you God does not exist and certainly God would not be the God of the bible when in reality He is and there is “tons” of evidence. Ask yourself, these people who point to no God, what do they really know? Are they trustworthy, do they have personal motives? Most of the religionists with their varied doctrines regarding God are also a source of confusion. You have some good questions about life and God and there are good answers. God who created all things has sufficient answers for you and has the deepest concern for your success. God has revealed a great deal about Himself and His purpose and you can know. God however, has not revealed Himself in a way people typically like or appreciate. Apparently, man believes God should have done it differently, but His plan is designed EXACTLY in accordance with His purpose.

Romans 8.28

28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

We are called according to His purpose and our pride, our selfishness, our ego say it must be according to our view of things. God has indeed created a perfect test to separate those who love Him, indeed love Him from those who do not.

Get to know God during your brief lifetime, come to trust Him and you will be eternally successful.

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