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The Real Reason We Do Not Know The Truth

January 09, 2010 By: alanpg Category: Uncategorized


The Real Reason We Do Not Know The Truth

There are hundreds of reasons we can say we did not know the truth and in most cases they amount to excuses. God says there are no excuses. How can He say that? I believe it is largely because the real reason for not knowing the truth places the failure to know squarely on our individual shoulders.
Yes, there has been confusion and difficulties in this matter brought by many things like:

  • Science
  • Teachers
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Religion
  • Threats
  • Bribes
  • Deceit

Yet many people know the truth, believe God and have overcome these confusions / difficulties. The difference is not intelligence. There are scientists on both sides of the theory of evolution and big bang creation. In science there is a lot of theories, a lot of speculation and often a lot of prejudice.
The thing behind your understanding of truth will always be the same thing and that is your “Love Of The Truth.”

Do you love the truth enough to:

  • Give up what you currently believe?
  • Change your life, giving up perhaps some things you cherish?
  • Stop using excuses related to your inability to see how God can be fair
  • Denying the God of the bible because of His apparent harshness
  • Stop thinking your ignorance of God and God’s law could be an excuse (in case God exists and is the God of the bible)

You see by design God is sorting out those who will be in heaven and is doing this along the lines of those who love the truth. You will decide to seek the truth or to live without it. Any person can have the truth but for some very strange reason usually related to pride, selfishness, current prosperity or desires for more in this life you choose the present over the future existence often denying your eternal nature.

God makes this idea of having a love of the truth abundantly clear and does it in a very, very serious way that ought to make us think.

2 Thess 2:10

10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

The Sad Reality

The sad reality is that you do not have to fail in life and if you do it will many times be the result of allowing yourself to be misled. You allow it because you did not care enough to determine if what you believed was the truth. It was too difficult to understand – No it is not! I had to follow the pattern of my family beliefs – No you did not have to! In my situation, I had no chance to believe anything else – Yes, you did have opportunities! In this one matter you need to stand on your own two feet and learn, understand and obey the God of heaven. Someday you will stand before God all by yourself without any help, without any excuses. The real reason you will end your life not knowing the truth is because you never had a love of the truth. BUT behind that problem was not caring to devote the time, not caring to question, not caring to know the truth because it might limit your lifestyle.

The sad reality of a failed life in relation to the only thing that matters in life is usually in some way connected to pride. Pride in your current belief, pride in some person, pride expressed as, “no one tells me what to do” are all your enemies because God’s test requires you submit to His will just as Jesus submitted to the will of the Father. If you look around and see a selfish, greedy world you can envision the sad reality that many will fail in life. It is not God’s desire that anyone fail and I do not know anyone who wants to fail but few see beyond the appeal of this present life. This website is coaching you to have the courage to fight the battle and accept nothing less than the truth. God did not make it hard to find the truth for such dedicated people but essentially impossible for the prideful, selfish, greedy people of the world. Your pride will keep you from seeking God as indicated in the first three verses at the top of this page. You may think that God’s creation of the universe is His masterpiece but it is really how He separates those who love Him from those who do not!

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