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Table of Contents: What Is Life All About?

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Many people ask me what is covered in the book, “What Is Life All About?” The book is 622 pages and the chapter titles and subtitles are provided below. The book could be one page in length in terms of answering the question of life’s purpose. However, to clarify, make simple and understandable the purpose of life, considerably more information is required. Much of that material exposes a long history of confusion, and the acceptance of literally hundreds of doctrines. The truth about life is very liberating and can bring substantial comfort and much of that comfort will come from the confidence you gain as everything fits together, perfectly fits together. Remove the confusion, philosophies, and religions that have us living in uncertainty and finally see the beauty and simplicity of life’s purpose.

Table of CONTENTS for “What Is Life All About?”

Part 1

Beginning to Look at Life Differently

Chapter 1.0 Getting Prepared for the Truth
1.1 Preparing to Face False Teaching
1.2 Held Back by Me and What I Want to Believe
1.3 Preparing to Face What God Wants of Me

Chapter 2.0 God’s Power

Chapter 3.0 God’s Desire plus Ability Equals Simplicity of Truth

Chapter 4.0 Only Certain People Find the Truth; It Is This Certain Type of Person
4.1 The Critical Nature of Your Character, Attitude
4.2 Predestination, Understand God’s Intent

Chapter 5.0 The Problem with Death and Its Beauty
5.1 Death Experiences and Death Defined
5.2 Death’s Reality and Our Response
5.3 The Truth Is That the Truth Is Not within Us
5.4 Your Anger/Disgust, Where It Belongs
5.5 Channel Your Anger at False Teaching, and Then Let It Go
5.6 Death, Where Is Your Sting?
5.7 Funerals Are for the Living

Chapter 6.0 A Reason to Live

Chapter 7.0 About the Search for Truth

Chapter 8.0 I Will Not Criticize Your Religion!
8.1 Avoid This Discussion
8.2 You are Fine, I am Fine, We Are All Fine

Chapter 9.0 Is It Possible Not to Be Your Enemy?

Chapter 10.0 Questions You Cannot Answer and Answers You Cannot Question
10.1 God Is Viewed in a Myriad of Ways
10.2 Questions You Cannot Answer
10.3 Answers You Cannot Question

Chapter 11.0 Religion and the Truth
11.1 No Mystery Here
11.2 Well, You Have a Lot of Nerve

Chapter 12.0 About the Bible
12.1 God Is the God of the Bible
12.2 Bible Uniqueness

Chapter 13.0 A Logical Person in a Logical World

Chapter 14.0 Our Own Personal Mental Games
14.1 If I Don’t Know I Should Do Something, I Can’t Be Held Accountable
14.2 I Had Some Special Problem; God Would Not Expect Me to Find the Truth
14.3 John and Michelle Are the Nicest People, Surely They Will Go to Heaven; I Trust Them
14.4 I Am as Good as Those People; I Know One of Them That Did an Awful Thing
14.5 It Doesn’t Make Sense to Me That God Would Require “This,” or That God Would Not Allow “This”
14.6 If There Were a God, He Would Not Allow Suffering

Chapter 15.0 Faith, the Cause of Problems and the Cure

Part 2

The Mess Called Religion: The Deceptions That Have So Many Under Control

Chapter 16.0 What Is Seriously Wrong with Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Atheism/Agnostics?
16.1 What Is Seriously Wrong with Judaism?
16.2 What Is Seriously Wrong with Roman Catholicism?
16.3 What Is Seriously Wrong with Protestant Groups?
16.4 What Is Seriously Wrong with Islam?
16.5 What Is Seriously Wrong with Mormonism?
16.6 What Is Seriously Wrong with the Jehovah’s Witnesses?
16.7 What Is Seriously Wrong with Atheism/Agnosticism?
16.8 Distractions
16.9 Seriously Wrong Summary: A Thought on Islam and Mormonism

Chapter 17.0 All Religious Groups Started after the Completion of the New Testament Are False

Part 3

Dealing with the Confusion by Helping You to Understand God

Chapter 18.0 Souls at Stake, Also a Country
18.1 God and the Nations
18.2 Laws against Sinful Things and Legalizing Sin
18.3 Clarifying Governments, Sin, and the Church

Chapter 19.0 Close to the Truth but Lost, Having the Truth but Lost
19.1 Close to the Truth but Lost
19.2 Having the Truth but Lost

Chapter 20.0 What God Desired and His Disappointments

Chapter 21.0 A Promise I Made to Myself That I’m Glad I Broke
21.1 The One Church?
21.2 The Religious Organizations of Men: Casual, Friendly Associations, Providing Stability

Chapter 22.0 The Three Most Misunderstood Things about God
22.1 God as Our Human Buddy
22.2 The Severity of God
22.3 The Silence of God

Chapter 23.0 The Church, Confusion and Necessity
23.1 Importance of the Church
23.2 The Church Is the Kingdom
23.3 The Business of False Churches and of “the” Church
23.4 The Seriousness of Being a Child of God
23.5 Risky Business: Man-made Churches

Chapter 24.0 Obstacles of Truth
24.1 Obstacle of Religion’s Bad Name and Immoral History
24.2 Obstacle of “God Told Me”
24.3 Obstacle of Miracles
24.4 Obstacle of Past Generations
24.5 Obstacle of Men versus Women
24.6 Obstacle of Age
24.7 Obstacle of Personal Experience
24.8 Obstacle of Credentials
24.9 Obstacle of Prayer

Chapter 25.0 Why the Truth Has Been So Well Hidden
25.1 Just a Few of the Reasons the Truth May Have Eluded You
25.2 The Truth Places Limitations on How You Are to Live Your Life
25.3 Religions, Cults and their Origins
25.4 Testing the Truth, Not the Person
25.5 The Person to Be Feared in Keeping Us from the Truth

Chapter 26.0 Why Do You Believe You Are Special?
26.1 I Am Right, I Think, Well, as Right as You Are
26.2 Mass Deception, Very, Very Common
26.3 I Know I am Saved

Chapter 27.0 When All Is Said and Done, This Is Why You May Not Find and Obey the Truth

Chapter 28.0 The Strange Excuses for Irresponsibility
28.1 Looking for a Way Out
28.2 Four Questions Helping Me Avoid Responsibility

Chapter 29.0 Paranoia
29.1 Preserve Our Deceit
29.2 What a Difference the Truth Makes
29.3 Death for Those Who Believe Differently

Chapter 30.0 Interpretation Is Serious, Not Just A Mistake, Never an Excuse
30.1 What It Means, Not What You Want It to Mean
30.2 I am Not Sure
30.3 Standing in the Way of My Understanding
30.4 Tampering with God’s Word and the Root-Cause Solution

Chapter 31.0 Can’t Fool God
31.1 Guess Who Is Really Being Fooled?
31.2 A Good Catholic, a Good Life?
31.3 A Good Mormon, a Good Life?
31.4 Understand You Cannot Fool God
31.5 Sincerity versus Truth
31.6 “Looking Good” to Men, Not God
31.7 “Looking Good” to Young People

Chapter 32.0 Bible Words and Their Real and Distorted Meanings

Chapter 33.0 Caught Up in the Beautiful Music, the Pageantry, and the Presence and Influence of Strong Personalities

Chapter 34.0 Those Who Will Not Be in Heaven

Chapter 35.0 God’s Apparent Harshness, a Difficulty for Some

Chapter 36.0 Turning the Corner on Truth
36.1 When You Will Not Accept Less than the Truth
36.2 Something around the Corner You Begin to Notice, Your Fair Share, and Confusion about Life’s Real Purpose

Chapter 37.0 Heaven and Hell and God as Separator
37.1 The Reality of Heaven and Hell
37.2 A Boring Life, Let Me Tell You about Boring
37.3 Dreaming about How Things Could Have Been
37.4 Understand These Things and Gain a Strong Understanding of God
37.5 A Powerful Distinction

Chapter 38.0 Are There Groups of People Who Know the Truth?

Chapter 39.0 The Crime of False Religion
39.1 It is a War Out There
39.2 Similarities among False Religions
39.3 False Religions Select Truthful Patterns for Credibility

Part 4

What Life Is All About and How to Achieve Eternal Success

Chapter 40.0 Existence: The First Understanding
40.1 Existence
40.2 Existence—How Did All This Happen?
40.3 Good Science and Wishful Theories
40.4 Winding Up the Universe, Starting at Age =?
40.5 Good Science Supports Truth, Theories Are Theories
40.6 Costly Teaching for Children and for a Nation
40.7 Using Our Senses to Go Beyond Our Senses

Chapter 41.0 God’s Planning
41.1 The Perfect Planner
41.2 It is God’s Way; No, It is My Way, Both Are Right
41.3 It All Started So Innocently
41.4 Facing Up to the Facts; It’s Part of the Plan
41.5 Changing the Rules?
41.6 It Is Not So Easy to Live God’s Way
41.7 It Is Not So Hard to Live God’s Way
41.8 God’s Plan, Not Part of God’s Plan
41.9 The Results Justify and Perpetuate the Doctrine

Chapter 42.0 Immorality, Counting the Cost
42.1 Some Immoral Things
42.2 Flee Sexual Immorality
42.3 Lots of Immorality, Pride, and Selfishness
42.4 Who Do You Think You Are Kidding?
42.5 Thoughts on Immorality/Immortality and David
42.6 It Was Important to me, It Is Not Wrong
42.7 Dishonoring God
42.8 A Long Time Ago
42.9 God as Instructor

Chapter 43.0 What Is Life All About?
43.1 In the Bible, I See
43.2 What Is Life All About?
43.3 The Battle between Good and Evil
43.4 Standing between You and Heaven—Just You
43.5 Clearing Some Confusion about Fear, Love, and Obedience
43.6 An Understanding of God
43.7 How Understanding God Allows You to Discern Truth
43.8 God’s Care of the Truth

Chapter 44.0 The Truth in a Few Sentences
44.1 It Is What God Wants of You
44.2 The Truth
44.3 The Rest of Your Life
44.4 Grow in Understanding
44.5 The Love of the Truth

Chapter 45.0 Some Final Thoughts
45.1 The Truth, My Pain and Disappointment
45.2 Not Difficult, Well Yes, but Difficult
45.3 Not Slothful, but Positive and Optimistic
45.4 Is There Hope for a Country That Opens Its Arms to Sin?
45.5 Assurance from God, Not Man
45.6 Surprise, Shock, Amazement
45.7 Now, Do You Understand What Life Is All About and What God Wants You to Do?

Part 5


Appendix 1 Evidence and Proof

Appendix 2 A Bible Lesson: What Does the Bible Teach about Inherited Sin/Total Inherited Depravity

Appendix 3 The Church Is the Kingdom

Appendix 4 Conversions

Appendix 5 Transubstantiation

Appendix 6 More on Catholicism, Apologists, and Religious Truth

Appendix 7 Poll of Persons Asked the Question “What is Life All About?”

Appendix 8 Clues: For Truth Seekers

Part 6

Bible References
Picture Credits
Reference Materials

Overview of book divisions

The Book is divided into six parts:

1. Beginning to Look at Life Differently
The title of chapter 1 is the theme behind the first fifteen chapters, namely, “Getting Prepared for the Truth.” The subjects vary but include topics regarding Creation, God, the Bible, faith, truth, religion, death, our personal mental games to satisfy or justify ourselves religiously and very importantly the kind of person that finds the truth and all are presented in a way that for most will be different from expected.

2. The Mess Called Religion—the Deceptions That Have So Many Under Control
As the result of a long history of fabrication involving most religions, it will be particularly important to study how these groups originated and then assess the validity of their doctrines. This part includes chapters 16 and 17.

3. Dealing with the Confusion by Helping You to Understand God
Chapters 18 to 39 clarifies, validates, and provides answers while in the process having the intent of helping to bring you to a better understanding of God as He has revealed himself.

4. What Is Life All About and How to Achieve Eternal Success
Chapters 40 to 45 begin with a chapter on existence that is seriously considering why we exist. We get very specific discussing God’s plan, and then discuss immorality, and in the midst of that topic, we look at how the Bible shaped the foundation of America at its beginning. In chapter 43, we make it very clear what life is all about. Chapter 44 answers what we need to do, and chapter 45 contains some final thoughts presented in a way to be encouraging yet continuing to emphasize the seriousness of wisely using our
short lifetime.

5. Appendices
The (eight) appendices could be at least one additional book or could be in the main body of most books. This subject matter ended up in the back of the book as an easy-way find to the material and to study by topic. The appendices all support the theme of the book but represent different material than in the (forty-five) chapters of the book.

6. Bible References, Bibliography and Picture Credits, Reference Materials, and Index

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