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Religious Comparison Charts

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The following simple charts may provide you with an easy way to discern what makes sense in religion and what does not. I hope this helps you!
If we can consider these groups at the highest level we see there is a huge difference between what is from God and what man invented as religion. Some of the specific items include the consistent flow of God’s plan, having a plan, having a variety of special characteristics and evidences, having something that is substantial, something that is unique, something that fits together perfectly – like from God. Again there is a huge difference between the religions of man and the truth from God. Not surprisingly there is a preference for the religions of man because they are often more as men would like to see God. God, on the other hand if you want to understand God as He has revealed Himself is appealing to a certain type of individual – of course, it is the type of individual that God seeks. Such an individual realizes that if the religion is admittedly a man made one cannot expect much more than some earthly wisdom. Life turns out to be about the next life and those things are only known to God. If God had not pointed out in various ways there is more to life than the physical man, then man very likely would have never conceived of such a possibility. Only one Religion has a solid, flawless origin and it begins with in the beginning, God – the God of the bible. The characteristics of scripture, the consistency, the purpose are all unique and within the pages one grows to be certain of God and His purpose. God’s people and you can be one and God wants you to be part of His eternal kingdom are certain they have the truth because God is able to deliver it. Just as surely as He made no mistakes in creation, His word of truth has passed through the centuries such that we have the message that is able to provide us with a wonderful eternity.





The contrast between what God has delivered as truth versus the inventions of men claiming in many cases to have a special revelation from God is like night versus day. There is no doubt that many fundamentally good people had the best of intentions as they started their religions but so did Saul and Cain and even Nadab and Abihu and many others only to find out they had no authority to change God’s directions, to offer something different to substitute what they thought would satisfy. The following two references can be very helpful if you struggle understanding God and religion.
God’s Apparent Harshness

Clarity From God

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