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November 19, 2009 By: alanpg Category: How To Get to Heaven


Please read the PAGES (horizontal navigation bar above) as they explain the purpose of this site and provide valuable content relative to that purpose, namely getting you to heaven! The posts and additional links on the left should also be helpful. You would think by now everyone would have “connected the dots” to the worlds most important puzzle. It is very relevant to understand why this has not happened. The root cause for the confusion and mis-information is very simply pride, selfishness, and deceit is the outcome.
It is the pride that says no one will direct my life or make rules that keep me from getting what I want. So people have done all they can to discredit God, the bible and really anything standing in the way of what they selfishly believe. Along the way they have convinced generations of others. Quite often those deceived are deceived because they like the deception and in some way it fits what they want to believe. Coaching you to the very best ending to your life, really a unbelievable fantastic ending is the purpose of this website. All you have to bring is an open mind and humble, truth seeking spirit.

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