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Science defined

Science (in general) does not deserve your respect because they have not been careful in their depiction of God and are over zealous regarding the promotion of their theories. Science should be amazed at all they see and not try to SPIN their observations to indicate everything comes from very long natural processes. A good scientist knows our existence, actually the existence of anything is NOT POSSIBLE. Why does anything exist? Science cannot get past the simple conclusion that the existence of anything cannot be explained and thus the world we live in is the product of a creator vastly greater than even our imagination.

The Good Bad Ugly Of Science

There is Good Science and we experience the results of it everyday and the work of many individuals is to be praised. Good Science and Good Engineering is behind many of the products we use – THEY WORK! A characteristic of good science is that it has been validated or is following a course where validation is highly likely. Good science does not treat a concept as true until it is in fact, validated!

There is Bad Science where there is tremendous waste and expense without any gain and often it is bad because a good, fair study would have indicated there was little to no chance of success and more worthy projects never received funding. Basically science is very “political.” Funding, grants, tenure are a few of the key words that have replaced the tenacity that was once found in scientists. Yet, despite all the complications there are many devoted people in science who will accept nothing less than the truth. Unfortunately our country is already way down the road of obscurity in science. There are not enough doctors, enough good scientists or engineers and in general in a technology world the United States is becoming less and less important. The education system is extremely poor, the moral and ethical behavior is more and more selfish/greedy and the attitudes of people increasingly reflect these characteristics in their actions. Amazingly, a major contributor to the social decline is strongly tied to UGLY science.

There is Ugly Science where despite a lack of evidence or maybe no meaningful evidence a theory is taught as truth as though it was validated. So we end up with people saying, “it is a proven fact that we evolved from apes.” That is ugly because there is no evidence and science (deep down) knows this, but the alternative is unthinkable. If you doubt this read the story of a notable scientist and leader, Robert Jastrow. Jastrow was agnostic (per his statement in his book, “God and the Astronomers”) and certainly not a creationist. Yet in the course of making certain discoveries there was a point that creationism looked like it might be the only good answer. His colleagues panicked and worked diligently to find an explanation and of course found a solution. At least they found something, some hope. If you set out with the answer in advance (and to you the ONLY acceptable answer) you will find what you are looking for but this is hardly the way of science, but of ugly science. Jastrow was horrified since for Him if science led to God as creator then that was the truth. During this episode he quickly came to realize there was tremendous prejudice against any conclusion leading to God as the answer. It became obvious to Jastrow that science was not pure, truth seeking and was driven to warn of this in his book, “God and Astronomers.”
The same pattern has been followed by those scientists who “love” the theory of organic evolution. That is, they are not objective but steeped in prejudice. Good science is full of purity, seeking truth while ugly science is dark, prejudicial and usually associated doing what is best for the scientist. The reason there can be any success in the subsequent deceit is simply because many scientists desire the same answer.

The Obvious Truth About Scientific Theories
In Areas That Cannot Be Validated
Is That We Really Do Not Know The Answers

existence and science

The brain is a fantastic example of DESIGN beyond our comprehension. Science has been studying the brain for a very long time trying to understand how it works and indeed we keep understanding it better. We are frequently amazed as we learn the next new thing about its operation and people actually look at science and think mankind is so intelligent. But we have the brain to work with and do experiments. Consider, creating the first brain not even knowing what a brain is or that there is such a thing as intelligence. Obviously, if no one had a brain there would be no one to consider designing a brain. Yet, we believe a brain could have just happened given there were billions of years for it to evolve. Given that something did exist, say a piece of metal made of iron and it sits on a table, no – no table, it floats in the air – no – no air …. well it exists and exists for 20 Billion years. Could it turn into a living brain, into anything living or into anything else. The giant leap begins with anything existing, even that piece of iron and then an even bigger leap that TIME exists. Why would TIME exist? The existence of Time “goes a long way” in pointing out that man is not capable of understanding many things about our existence. We cannot envision existence without time and yet why would time limit God. God makes the point that to Him a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. Time is one of the things that limits man’s understanding such that He will never understand creation. Why would God do this? God’s “actions” are perfectly consistent with His purpose and some will stumble in matters like this and some will understand what is really important. The “net-net” and you need to work to arrive at this understanding is that God has allowed us to understand that which is important to our next life. Namely, understanding God and His purpose and what that means to US. Likewise, that which is no more than the stage and props on the stage are not so important, in fact ultimately not important at all. These things such as HOW anything and everything exists – the universe, intelligent life are things we cannot understand. Why again is that? Because they are not central to God’s purpose other than a person can CHOOSE to be influenced by what men/women think is important – like WHY anything exists, WHY they exist. Consequently being distracted away from what is really important. God does not play games but He is testing humankind and allows humankind to be trapped, confused by the world. The root cause is strangely not those many false teachers, those many “hater’s of God” but a person’s own pride, own selfishness and own desire to be free from any rule. The world is full of self-centered, self-righteous persons who recognize no authority over their life. They have their view of life and will not be less than God themselves. All things in God’s plan are for a purpose and there is a purpose in what God allows to be understood an what He does not!

How Little Science Really Knows
Science Should Admit
They Will Never Know

You see ultimately there is no evidence explaining WHY ANYTHING EXISTS …………. just speculation, really wild speculation. The theory of organic evolution (man evolved from a lower form) is not even reasonable. Living things evolve in the world but according to their own kind and have differences more associated (within their kind) by environmental effects over time. That is the true, the everyday observable truth – no speculation here.

Many scientists are deeply committed to devising explanations about our existence DIFFERENT than you can read in the bible. Scientists typically will not concede that there is phenomena beyond their capability to understand. Since in truth there is much beyond our capability to understand, we have all these strange theories such as the 1) big bang (what banged), 2)parallel universes (just based on the size of the universe) and 3) humankind evolving from lower forms. Required to support their arguments is the need to have the earth/universe be exceedingly old, maybe twenty billion years old. The average person accepts science when the age of something is estimated. Yet there are many problems, questionable assumptions associated with dating methods especially when considering very old things. THE GOOD NEWS IS WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE SCIENTISTS BECAUSE THE AGE OF THE EARTH IS NOT IMPORTANT. It seems to be important to scientists, many of whom are on a mission to derail God as the God of the bible. The bible however is silent regarding the age of the earth, or we might say the age when “all this” came into existence. In addition, God is not controlled by time but created time for mankind and He could have created the earth in a nanosecond (or without any time reference). God apparently created everything in a mature state such as a tree – that is, not planting seeds. Or a beast of the earth was not born as it would be after that beasts first existence. Likewise humankind was created man and woman as fully grown persons. God could have created the earth / universe with a certain age and I do not know but suspect He did not because He would do nothing to deceive man. We simply cannot understand an all powerful being but as in all things God’s creation is consistent with His purpose. God has pointed out that there are things which ar secret to Him and man cannot understand. A person can find fields of evidence indicating God exists and that He is the God of the bible. Such a truth seeker should not be concerned about science and all their theories regarding our existence. If someone were to tell you the earth is very old and God refers to creation occurring in just days – you really should not be concerned until you figure out how God creates everything by just saying it. Obviously the rules mankind lives within are not binding on God. In addition as mentioned God does not speak of the age of the earth or how creation occurred other than He said, “let there be light” as He did with other parts of creation. The mistake of science is that they believe God must live by their rules (which are really the rules of Physics, Chemistry, Electromagnetism and so-on) that God provided for mankind in His process of creation.
If you struggle with the complications of scientific theory in relation to our existence, simply ask yourself, “Why does anything exist.” Science has no reasonable answer while God’s answer fits perfectly with all we see and all we know, namely, “In the beginning, God.”

Deuteronomy 29:29

29 “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

Acts 1:7

7 And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.

The context of Acts 1.7 is in relation to events from the time of Jesus forward, but clearly this is how God looks at time in relation to mankind. Namely, man will not know the times and one can conclude as in Deuteronomy there are things that are secret to God. In the beginning (Genesis 1.1) man will not know “the times” and regarding the end of time God makes it clear no one, not even the Son knows the time of the end.

Mark 13:32

32 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

A Valuable Role For Science
And What Is Really Behind
Rejecting God’s Existence

Scientists should be the ones giving God the praise every day as they examine the nature of things. Praising God with every fantastic discovery in medicine and all the possibilities for such breakthroughs. Genetics is such a wonderful place to praise God and man will only scratch the surface of all the possibilities. God’s complete knowledge of genetics would allow Him to cure every disease BUT this is faulty thinking and common as men think of God as a man. God provided genetics in the creation of humankind – it is built in, on the stage where men/women exist. God’s cure of a disease would occur because He wills it to occur – He does have to use the laws under which He created humankind. This in the most basic sense is why science can never explain our existence – because God created humankind with many limitations and their own set of governing laws. Laws that in no way apply to God. Why did God do it this way? Simply because it was part of God’s purpose that centers around men and women and choices and not around science related to understanding beginnings. God created all things just by speaking them into existence whether it be the vast universe, human intelligence, DNA, or all the animals and their instincts. We enjoy the beauty of the night sky, the wonderful things we can grow, the oceans and all the scenic beauty that the world has to offer.
God has revealed how He looks at those who deny His existence simply by saying, “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.” Atheists make the point that many great people having done many wonderful things and achieved great fame and thus are not fools. God, of course, is not talking about what men achieve in science, in sports, in academics, in film but are fools having failed the only test that really matters. This ultimate test is the very purpose for God’s creation, namely achieving heaven. God looks at all people the same regardless of earthly achievement and then awards those heaven if they find, obey and live the truth. God says pride comes before destruction and nothing is more universal among those who fail in life. We see the “great” men and women of atheism as having what God would refer to as the wisdom of the wise. That is, trust and wisdom in themselves and such will not seek truth because they already have it. God’s test is absolutely perfect to achieve His purpose and those who reject God during their lifetime will be eternally rejected by God. Now, for those who reject God, pride is the root cause. Pride is one thing that people see in others but do not recognize in themselves. Part of the pride is really, “No one will tell me how to live.” Out of this comes, “How can I find sufficient evidence to convince myself that there is no God.” As would be expected people find “evidence” to satisfy themselves and they tell others and the more that believe the more likely (they think) that their premise is correct. This has been going on for a very long time.

Men Look Silly In Their Arguments Against God’s Existence
In Every Case They Underestimate God’s Power
In Some Way Limiting What God Can Do

Those who reject God do not even get to the starting gate and thus not in the race for a successful life. The starting gate is belief in God. The silliest of arguments are used to prove there is no God and in every case the one making the argument makes the rules – like God cannot exist outside the universe or God must be (we know) either matter or energy and then draw certain conclusions. Also, I have heard a well respected leader of Atheists argue against God’s existence on the basis of certain laws of physics that would be violated. Yet, God created ALL THE PHYSICAL LAWS and applied them to the “stage” of our existence. God is not bound by such laws no more than He is bound by time or space. The truth is God cannot be placed in a box devised by man because God is not a man or like a man or limited to how men reason regarding His being. God did create man in His image. We share similar characteristics with God and a study of scripture can tell us in which ways we are in His image. Indeed, there are very significant ways we are in God’s image and in each we differ from the other living things God created. However, in the areas of intellect and power we possess only an infinitesimally small fraction of God’s abilities. In addition, as alluded to God further limits us by placing humankind on a stage called earth in a vast universe where our spirit is locked in a physical body and limited by a time world.

How Is The Bible Differentiated From Other Religions In The Area Of Creation?

Below, I have selected two different concepts of creation that are not bible based. They are not in any way selected for ridicule but to represent in very short fashion how these religions view “beginnings, existence.” It demonstrates how there is a need within religion to provide an answer to this universal curiosity.

Chinese Creation Story

Eastern religions (speak of the yin and yang, the dark and the light, as being the creative power, which sustains all life and being. Yin and yang are not to be seen as gods or deities in any sense. They are the natural forces behind nature and even the gods, such as P’an Ku, are creations of the yin and yang. The mighty P’an Ku could not escape death and, worn out by his struggle, he collapsed and died. His body was so vast that when he fell to the ground his body became the five sacred mountains, his hair the plants and his blood the rivers. From his sweat came the rain and from the parasites living on his body came forth human beings. These are the religions of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

Hindu Creation Story

This is not the first world, nor is it the first universe. There have been and will be many more worlds and universes than there are drops of water in the holy river Ganges. The universes are made by Lord Brahma the Creator, maintained by Lord Vishnu the Preserver and destroyed by Lord Shiva. Since the universes must be destroyed before they can be recreated, Lord Shiva is called the Destroyer and Re-creator. These three gods are all forms of Supreme One and part of the Supreme One. The Supreme One is behind and beyond all. After each old universe is destroyed nothing is left but a vast ocean. Floating on this ocean, resting on the great snake Ananta, is Lord Vishnu. Some say that a lotus flower springs from his navel and from this comes Lord Brahma. And it is from Lord Brahma that all creation comes.Some say he grows lonely and splits himself in two to create male and female. Then he becomes one again and human beings are created. In the same way he creates all the other living things, from the great animals to the tiniest insects. Everything comes from the Lord Brahma, who is part of the Supreme One.

Christians, Jews, Muslims Creation Story

These groups share the same creation story with some differences but essentially accept the Genesis account.

There are literally hundreds of different creation stories and many more creation myths. Often the myths within a given religion have given way to something “more thoughtful.” The bible account makes sense and has not been changed since it was recorded. It is what God wanted man to know and answers who (God), and gives an account of the ORDER of creation AND distinguishes mankind from the rest of the creation. As always, always, always God is revealing what He wants mankind to know in relation to His purpose. It is not complicated and does not indicate in any scientific way how He did it. However, one learns of God’s power as we see creation was accomplished by God speaking things into existence. He does provide a little more detail regarding His creation of man and woman. We begin in the first three chapters of Genesis to understand how mankind will be at the center of creation and everything else is the stage. In Genesis 3.15, God’s plan is unfolded and all this was done thousands of years ago and there have been no changes. God’s creation brings the clarity man needs regarding his/her existence. Science thinks it can unravel and explain our existence independent of God.

You Are Responsible For Your Belief’s
More Distinctions Regarding Science

As you might suspect, a person found in a lost state before God might say I was fooled by our scientists, my teachers, our textbooks which indicated there was no God. I was even taught we were the descendants of apes. I was fascinated by the theories of our beginnings involving multiple universes. I was taught the Big Bang theory and I was taught it as though it was not a theory. In matters like the creation, scientists typically do a great deal of explaining and it is always complicated. The average person really does not understand and yet strangely places trust in these men and women of science. Science needs to be qualified to help people to understand the good, the bad and the ugly of science as discussed above. In a similar way looking at the proven laws of science, the science currently under evaluation and finally somethings outside the possibilities of human understanding:

Science that is proven

The laws of physics, the laws of thermodynamics, the laws of electromagnetism, the laws of chemistry and many others. We can make practical application of these physical and chemical laws and create useful things. Engineers make use of the known laws and create everything from cars, cell phones, agricultural products, medical equipment and essentially everything that fills our life’s.

Science Under Validation and progressing

There are various new theories that are progressing toward validation because experiments are constantly being used to test the theory. This is a continual progress until the theory is settled as accepted, proven knowledge or is rejected.

Scientific Theories That Cannot Be Validated

There are many phenomena outside the realm of man’s capability to understand. We observe the earth, the universe and life and continually understand more about these things much like a young man or woman might disassemble an internal combustion engine or a computer and understand their operation. God has indicated that He creates things by speaking them into existence (that is how He describes His process to humankind) and we can take away from this that everything is very easy for God. In our built-in limitations as humankind we are not going to understand HOW GOD DID IT and as mentioned it is not important to God’s purpose. It is very interesting how scientist’s study of, “How things came into being have “gone crazy” over the size of the universe.” First they looked at the size (billions of galaxies and seemingly never ending) and claimed life was bound to have started somewhere. Then contemplating the inconceivable size of the universe they concluded that there are parallel universes where someone very much just like you (actually they claim many someone’s like you) exists with some variations. People really get excited about silly things, well pleasant, fascinating silly things. It turns out our existence is a special cause, the existence of all things is a special cause. That is, “In the beginning God.” Scientist’s realize if there is a special cause then their theories are not valid.
One might say, isn’t it the process of science to always be exploring “new frontiers” and thus continually searching for a theory that explains life and can be validated. That is a true but in view of what is learned is it possible that a very good theory might indicate, “there are simply things so far beyond our understanding we may never know.” Scientist’s are currently willing to jump to the idea of parallel universes which explains nothing in relation to our beginnings but for many might indicate we are getting much smarter in regard to our beginnings. The truth is there is no progress in this regard but a continual stream of new theories always in the background implying everything could have happened without God. As mentioned, deep down many scientists believe in design because of all the design and the “wonder of it all.” I am personally not unhappy with all the work that is done in this area because with the perspective of God as creator all the findings, actual data points to God. So there is prejudice, pride in many scientists and like most people fail to ask the truly important question, “What is life all about?” Life it turns out is not about understanding the technical solution to how we came into being but is about you and your success or failure in living this life.

Freedom Of Speech In Science?

Atheists will have a counter argument for every argument that supports God’s existence. Occasionally their arguments will sound reasonable but atheists will never “give in” because they cannot accept God as the God of the Bible. They cannot be embarrassed in their lifetime support of atheism and in fact in some cases (like academics) their livelihood may be related to following certain accepted beliefs. It is interesting how academics and many scientists can speak of freedom to discover, to speak out on new theories when indeed most know some things cannot be questioned.

Current Theory for Our Existence

Below is a video that provides the answer “to everything about existence” or so it is suggested. It is well directed, well conceived to convince and will be changed ten years from now to the next new theory. One might say, that is what science does – always progressing. If they know that, then why at each stop along the “road of theories” do they claim to have the answer and teach it as truth? The video never indicates the theory as presented is a wild, ridiculous theory but does allude many times that it may be hard to believe. Agreed it is hard to believe, but it also does not answer the question of how matter is created from nothing or maybe in this case how did the strings of string theory come into existence. As always, there is no WHY for existence in these theories, but this is what happened or might have happened or it fits what we know. Despite all the attempts by men/women to explain existence, the best fully evident answer remains and will remain, “In the beginning God.”

Why the Concern with “Modern” Science and Their Anti-God Leaning / Prejudice

Many scientists know there is a God but only a few will take a stand when living in an academic environment that rejects God as creator. Many more careers also come under this prejudice that makes standing for the truth very difficult. One of the best examples is the present national news media, public television and Hollywood movies. In all of history there will never be a more easily understood fact than the existence of God and God as the God of the bible. Few will come to this knowledge and it will be their choice but many will be influenced by teachers and media. Every person during their existence will come to understand that God is the God of the bible and Jesus is God’s answer to the purpose He intended for man. The vast majority will come to this knowledge when it is everlastingly too late. Suddenly, the truth is before you and it is your worst fear. You were responsible for your actions and God’s warnings are being fulfilled in you. You now know something you never understood during your earthy existence. It is your fault that you failed, no one else is to blame but you and you made really bad choices. You may have thought you could blame someone or something. However, it was your decision and in the battle between you and sin, sin won and without God’s answer to sin you have failed in the only thing that really matters.
Almost a parallel route to failure (as science will be for many) is the confidence you placed in religion and religious teachers. Religion is the great destroyer of souls in two ways:
First, atheists look at religion and see all the historic treachery of religions, some of it continues to this day and say, “that cannot be God.” They are right, it is not of God so why blame Him? God abhors false religion and most religions are as problematic for people as was the golden calf or Baal during the time before Christ.
Secondly, religion is so confusing with its hundreds of belief systems that finding the truth requires great perseverance. Few have found the truth in this mess we call religion. Once again God’s plan is working perfectly sorting out those who indeed love Him from those who don’t. So many people place such confidence in themselves and claim, “God is not fair” because what about this person who had such and such handicap or the one who was so effectively brainwashed and on and on with excuses. If your confidence is properly placed in God, you know God can handle all your little concerns and handle them with infinite wisdom and fairness and always in perfect agreement with His word. Essentially people look for excuses in their supposed concern for others to find a loophole for themselves. People really underestimate God and the within the observations of creation alone that is very irrational.

Indeed, Life Is Serious
Indeed, Life Is Short
Indeed, You Will Place Faith In Men/Women Or In God

Psalm 118:8

8 It is better to trust in the LORD
Than to put confidence in man.

Life is very serious, God makes it that way. We think casual, laid-back, stay out of trouble is the way to live. God has delivered 100% on His promises. He cannot lie and makes no mistakes in His judgments. God throughout scripture in many different ways points to life as critically serious.
There are warnings and there are examples of success and failure so you can understand. If it were not for Christ you would not know what to do or would you have the opportunity to succeed. Jesus is the propitiation (covering) for sins and although available to all men only those who obey the gospel and live faithfully until death will take advantage of what God has done in Christ. This is what is important! This is the very reason I am not a creationist who dives daily into science to show God and science are congruent. The preaching of the gospel is what is needed. It seems many people miss the obvious. Scientists in the realm of things they cannot understand must have great faith since there is no evidence. In fact there is an on-going, never-ending list of new theories each of which they embrace – really by faith. Faith is also the basis for belief in God, who although you cannot see God there is an ever increasing knowledge of God through His word and the unseen part of faith becomes more and more real, certain. In the case of God being the God of the bible there is (unlike science) NO NEW THEORY but the same story since the beginning of the world. Indeed it is obvious where to place our faith.

I have been pretty hard on science and scientists and to the ones who have participated in promoting careless, prejudiced doctrines there is no regret. Now, I am a scientist / engineer and most of my colleagues believe in God and many accept Genesis 1.1 as truth. So good science will never be a problem, but in the areas being discussed on this page, there is indeed bad and ugly science. The bottom line is that science confuses and misleads many by giving the impression God is not the force behind life. Much of the public media support this idea and the greatest damage is done to young people who are grievously misled. Many people looking for an alternative to the responsibility apparent in the bible also welcome these anti-God teachings. Despite arguments to the contrary the morality of the nation suffers and eventually the severe greed, selfishness and disgusting actions fill the void of moral/ethical behavior.

Some reading this might be interested in knowing why God created mankind.

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