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Deceit Then Death

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The world is very misleading when it comes to God. The true conspiracy that is keeping you from the truth is your own personal conspiracy. The world in general supports your conspiracy that the most important thing in life is getting all you want and then hoping to get even more. We receive little or no truthful information about life’s purpose.

Here are some facts or truthful things:

1) You get older, and die
2) There is truth and there is error (often deceit)

Well that is about it as far as certain truthful things. Some people may not even believe there is any truth, but there is and in regard to what we are discussing – Heaven – There is truth! Few people would doubt there is death. The amazing thing about death is that it is ignored because it is unpleasant. It is very possible that if you knew for sure, absolutely without doubt the truth about life’s purpose then death would be something you viewed much differently.

There is much more deceit, like

1) There is no God
2) You were the result of an cosmic accident
3) Everything was created from nothing
4) You ancestors were monkeys
5) Someday we will understand creation
6) When you die, you will go out of existence
7) Just ignore, avoid all the talk about death and life after death – there is nothing you can do about it anyway

If you are religious (believe in God) there is a very long list of deceit:

1) The pope has some relationship with God
2) If you mentally accept Jesus, you will be saved
3) One belief or religion is as good as another
4) I know God will take care of me, I just know it
5) God will save the good people, most people are good
6) Mohammed and/or Joseph Smith or hundreds of others had a special relationship to God

How Strange The World

There was a time when those who denied God or indicated they questioned God’s existence were outcast.

This was wrong!

Today there is a strong mainstream media position in television, in movies that those who believe in God are foolish, not with the times, very outdated and even dangerous.”

This is wrong!

There are also media that indicate God is present working with or through them, directing them and there is much diversity in how this is presented.

This is wrong!

So it is still a strange world with plenty of confusion and of course – “Deceit Then Death”. Quite a dilemma, but there is truth and there is error. You need the truth and very likely you may not think it exists. You should not believe anything “religiously” without evidence, lots of evidence. Here is one of the most deceitful things: There is little or no evidence of God or of God’s purpose or evidence of what is really the ultimate truth.

This is wrong!

Summary of: Deceit Then Death


There is a ton of evidence these things are wrong! Every person who wants the truth can find it, those who have a love of the truth will find it. If you want to casually find truth you will fail and why is that, well because that is God’s plan. You do not like it and indeed God is separating those who will spend eternity with Him from those who will not. In the end you will decide between what some man or woman taught and you believed or you will seek out God. You have all these questions and God has all the answers. Faith indeed is not blind but as you grow the evidence will be overwhelming. It is all part of God’s plan!
It is a really, really big mistake to assume all will turn out fine when the truth is you really, really know nothing about life after death unless God revealed it. It turns out the things people believe about God, His purpose, your life after death are just guesses, man’s logic, hopeful things, but God’s intention was you would never know unless you turned to Him for the answers. Pride is the great killer of men’s souls. That is, the pride you have in yourself and/or in the pride or respect you have for what men have taught about God and His purpose – this will be your downfall. By comparison, the truth is so beautiful, so simple and involves love of it to find it. In actuality, your love of truth is your love of God and wanting to find Him and please Him. Amazingly, you can do that!
It needs to be TRUTH, Then Physical DEATH, Then ETERNAL LIFE

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