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The Age Of The Earth

May 29, 2016 By: alanpg Category: How To Get to Heaven

Dating Numbness


There is great confusion regarding the authenticity of the Bible due to the apparent age of the earth. Of course, that is nonsense since:

The Bible says absolutely nothing about the age of the earth.

As usual the problem is with men who often act as they have some connection with God or even represent God. It is not God’s problem you believe such people. Here is what we have relative to the creation, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” God’s purpose was not to provide man with an explanation of creation but to individually test men to determine their acceptability to spend eternity with God in heaven. Indeed, the creation itself for many people ends up being a distraction from getting to the truth. God certainly allows men to be distracted, it is part of the test. Everyone will have some things to overcome to achieve heaven and therein lies the choice. Most people will have many things to overcome. God is perfectly fair and people question God’s way of doing things because it does not fit their vision of how God should act. So one person sees inconsistency between the scientific aging of the earth and what they think the bible teaches about the age of the earth. Consequently, they deny God as the God of the bible. The fact that dating methods are filled with assumptions that would amaze you does not even matter since the Bible is silent regarding the age of the earth. “The Age of Earth” controversy ends up only being a distraction, a potential stumbling block impairing you from finding the truth – if you let it.
God provided man an overview of creation. He does not indicate the “How” of creation. When He creates a tree did He do that from a seed or as a mature tree. Did He provide maturity to the things He created. He does not say except for our comprehension He indicates things were “spoken” into existence. That speaking itself is just a manifestation of His power. The God of the bible wanted man to know He was the creator of all things and the relation of all things to Him. Man is unique and even in God’s image. We see man’s position relative to God, and from Genesis immediately begin to understand some sort of an evaluation of man involving man and his choices.

What does it mean to be created in the image of God?

Apparent from the bible

The God of the bible is not interested in providing scientific explanations to mankind but is interested in far more important things relating to His purpose for man. Man actually gets more involved and concerned about creation mechanics and in the process invents ways the creation could have happened in some “natural” way. Dating the age of the earth, universe is part of piecemeal story that helps people in denying God as creator and God as the God of the bible. I call this “dating numbness.” Dating technology is filled with problems and many are involved with its assumptions. I cannot say this enough times; it does not matter. The age of the earth and hundreds of other related things are not bible subjects (beyond what God has revealed regarding them). They have become stumbling blocks for many people or often supports to justify ungodly life’s.

Has God been devious in providing man a world he cannot scientifically understand?

Everything in scripture points to God’s desire for man to succeed. There is a certain wisdom even in scientific endeavor to realize that creation is beyond man’s comprehension. There is nothing wrong in trying to understand it but your life in God’s image is for one ultimate, eternal thing and that is your existence in the next life. If you want to use science to support a strong desire to prove God does not exist then you will be successful because it is what you want. Just as it was in the beginning with Adam and Eve, mankind is being tested in relation to his choices. Any man can observe God in creation and indeed God has indicated, “the fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” God is not fooling man but man is stumbling over his own wishes to his own destruction. It is absolutely the most serious business in the world and it does not involve the creation of the world but your eternity. God has not fooled man but has left the door wide open for fools to deny even His existence. The world reflects a denial of God’s existence in their lifestyle and this is where the damage is done. It is your life in relation to God’s laws that in the end will matter and when in STEP ONE you deny God’s existence of course God’s laws are not even in your vocabulary.

Numbness and The Size of The Universe

It seems men somehow like to tie the size of the universe, perhaps an infinite universe with things like the potential for intelligent life elsewhere. Yes, earth is insignificant even in its own solar system and certainly insignificant in its own galaxy, not to mention the insignificance of its galaxy among billions of galaxies.
This should create a numbness regarding the power of God and not the opposite.

God has created all things including time and the creation could appear to have taken 1 second or more than a trillion years. The God of the bible makes it clear that for God a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. Time does matter for God but is part of the framework he created for man. As a spiritual being, man would not be limited by time but your spirit is currently captured in a time controlled physical body. You are born in time and will die in time. You or no scientist will ever scientifically understand creation or human intelligent existence but there will be theories, many, many theories. You can have a good perception of God’s power and if you want the truth about life and its purpose from what He has revealed.
God has placed humankind on this spec in the universe called earth, created time, defined the times you might say and all this has a grand purpose. It is the place, the time for your decision, for your choices.
If you want to think about something in relation to your existence, consider why time exists. Time is also a created thing and a thing that mankind cannot conceive of as not existing. Why, because God created man in a time world. So all our explanations about creation, about the big bang for example are framed in time but why does time exist? The big bang must create something from nothing and at the same “time” create time. Oh yes, science will explain this and do so with on-going theories and generation after generation scientists will die along with their theories. The dreaded answer that interferes with a person’s life is, “In the beginning God!” Indeed God is the God of the bible and you are an eternal being and in your life time you are being tested. The strangest thing of all “times” is that if you can bring yourself to seek truth/love truth, be humble and unselfishness in your life, you will find the truth and your eternal life will be infinitely better than you can imagine. It is strange because you fight against what is so incredibly good for you – the love of God!

Man Kind Just Ape Kind?

The theory of organic evolution is such a bogus doctrine, but survives and is taught largely because certain people want justification in believing there is no God. The idea is to explain everything that exists without a creator and certainly people do not want the creator to be the God of the bible. Of course, to create this illusion, we begin with everything coming into existence from nothing, not even the smallest atomic particle. Billions of years later we have life and then intelligent life. In the process of man’s existence we have a very gradual change from a lower form and apes have been chosen as the final stepping stone to human-kind. So apes eventually come from bent over creatures to walking upright and then one of them becomes intelligent – where did that come from? Eventually, through breeding we have intelligent men and women. Since that time, we have had no more “lower forms” become intelligent. That includes not only other species but even from the apes there have been no more intelligent life forms come into existence. The evolution that is real is an EVOLUTION OF THEORIES from men/women in relation to creation, the existence of life and intelligent life. The problem remains the same, God is not a man so stop trying to figure out creation from a God who exists in infinite dimensions when including time you exist in just four dimensions. The mystery is not HOW God did it but WHY He created man and what that means. The thing to avoid is an eternity realizing the silliness of big bang, the theory of organic evolution and all the reasoning of men in relation to “no God.”

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