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June 21, 2014 By: alanpg Category: Understanding God


The page, “How To Get To Heaven” explains the purpose of this blog. Namely, to get you to heaven. Sounds impossible, so believe nobody knows. Disbelief in God and Heaven are obvious reasons why people do not know how to get to heaven. Once you understand God as He has revealed himself everything will become much clearer.

This blog will get you there and of course as always do not believe me or any other person. You need to have the attitude of finding the truth even if it creates problems for you. In fact, God knows there will be problems for every person – it is part of the test. Realize there are some things you have no control over, for instance:

  • You were born
  • Your human, physical existence will end
  • You are participating in a test that will determine your eternity
  • Your eternal outcome will be fixed “in concrete” when you die

You may not like it, but there is nothing you can do about it. The one thing in this process and the most important thing is to achieve the best outcome, HEAVEN. You do have complete control over that! It is your real purpose in life.

DO NOT, “OPEN YOUR EYES” AFTER YOU DIE TO LEARN YOU WERE DECEIVED. This Blog will get you logically past all the deception and IT WILL NOT BE ME that gets you there but YOUR desire for truth, YOUR humble attitude. I am just a helper!

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